Sisco massive wood high-rises

A higher standard of living

The first Sisco modular wood apart­ment build­ings will rise in 2017. They’re made entire­ly of wood – massive wood, to be exact. In fact, there’s a whole col­lec­tion of them that comes in a range of shapes and colors.

The modular approach has really changed how we build – it’s faster, more flex­i­ble and deliv­ers higher quality. But it’s changed more than just how we build, it’s also changed the entire design process. We’ve aban­doned the idea of sep­a­rate sub-projects in favor of a model where every­one involved in a project works togeth­er right from the start. This effi­cient way of working helps ensure suc­cess­ful projects that are com­plet­ed on time. And the end result is a modern, com­fort­able place that people can call home.

Explore our customizable range of models:

Oh, tell me more!

Leave a message and we’ll be in touch to tell you more about our cus­tomiz­able col­lec­tion of wood high-rises and our modern wood homes. You’ll find all Sisco homes avail­able for rent and for sale at Oikotie and Etuovi.

Old idea, brand-new implementation

People have always lived in wood homes. Back in the day, tra­di­tion­al Nordic post-war houses were built very effi­cient­ly, based on a stan­dard­ized concept and con­struc­tion method. After that, things were pretty quiet for a while. Now, we’ve updated the pro­duc­tion of large-scale wood houses with our new massive wood high-rises. And we created an entire col­lec­tion of them while we were at it.

Our high-quality and cost-effective massive wood high-rises are made of sturdy and durable LVL modules, which means they breathe just like a wood house should. LVL massive wood modules are also great because they’re extreme­ly adapt­able. Each of the three models in the col­lec­tion can be cus­tomized by adding bal­conies, ter­races and over­hangs to the facade. With Sisco multi-level apart­ment build­ings, the sky really is the limit.

When you move into your new Sisco home, you won’t have to spend even one day living on a con­struc­tion site. Here at Sisco, when a build­ing is com­plete, that means yard is also cleaned up and ready to be enjoyed.

There are residential designers working at Sisco. 18
Over 2017, we’ll be building no less than square metres of residential housing in the Helsinki city area. 15k

Our high-rises are modern and linear exam­ples of Scandinavian archi­tec­ture, and each one can have as many as six floors. The apart­ments are 26–70 m2 in size, ranging from studios to four-room homes. And of course they each have their own sauna. And these already eco­log­i­cal build­ings get some of their energy from solar panels installed on the roof.

Ready in one go

It doesn’t take long to build our massive wood high-rises, thanks to our depend­able process. Production of the solid wood modules and ele­ments kicks off at our factory in Vantaa at the same time as the foun­da­tions are being exca­vat­ed on site. The ele­ments, which are made with indus­tri­al pre­ci­sion, are assem­bled at the con­struc­tion site. After that, the roof goes on, the fin­ish­ing touches are done and the yard is fin­ished. When a Sisco massive wood high-rise is ready, it’s ready.

Sisco homes

Get to know all of our Sisco homes. They’re designed with the great­est of care and smartly made from massive wood modules. That’s why they’re eco­log­i­cal and eco­nom­i­cal, but not expen­sive.