Sisco as a company

Sisco builds a better life from wood

As a pioneer in wooden module con­struc­tion, our goal is to help you find a high-quality, eco­log­i­cal and reasonably-priced home where you don’t have to com­pro­mise on any­thing. In fact, what we really want to do is change the way homes are built and bought for good.

Mas­sive wood high-rises and hous­es in Uusikaupun­ki

In Southwest Finland, things are looking up in the car indus­try, for example, and an esti­mat­ed 15,000 new jobs are expect­ed to be created there in the next few years alone. Cities like Uusikaupunki des­per­ate­ly need new housing, and Sisco is right there to deliver.

Smart­ly dif­fer­ent homes

Wood is good for the envi­ron­ment and good for people. The human nature of wood has helped us create cosy, com­mu­nal envi­ron­ments all around the Helsinki city area. And there are more on the way. We’re expand­ing our hori­zons with new Sisco homes outside the Helsinki area. They’re human-sized homes built con­ve­nient­ly close to public trans­porta­tion con­nec­tions. And just like all Sisco homes, atten­tion has been paid to every little detail.

Mas­sive wood

We got togeth­er with Metsä Wood to develop wood build­ing mate­ri­als that really can’t be beat, namely Evo Wood LVL panels and ele­ments. This is wood at its very best – it’s sturdy, durable and breath­able, which is why it’s the perfect mate­r­i­al for the entire struc­ture. Of course, it’s also eco­log­i­cal and recy­clable.

How we build your home

With us, con­struc­tion is mostly tidy indoors work. To min­imize mis­takes, we make our modules in our new logis­tics and assem­bly center in Hakkila, Vantaa – not outside in the rain or snow. All of our homes are built using our indus­tri­al pro­duc­tion process. And that’s actu­al­ly a really good thing. It’s because of that process that Sisco homes are built quickly, cost-effectively and ensur­ing the highest quality.

At the actual build­ing site, it takes just six months from the moment the exca­va­tor breaks ground until your home is ready for you to move in. And it’s not just your home but also your yard, with its grassy green lawns. Here’s how we do it:


It all starts with exca­va­tion. The topsoil is removed, filled in and the foun­da­tions are cast. At the same time, the pro­duc­tion of the modules and ele­ments kicks off at our factory in Hakkila, indus­tri­al­ly and con­sis­tent­ly.


The assembly-ready modules and ele­ments are then trans­port­ed to the sites. They’re lifted into place with large cranes and are stur­di­ly con­nect­ed to each other. After that, the roof goes on.


The exte­ri­or facades are fin­ished and the houses are painted. Inside, we tidy up after our­selves. Next, it’s time to fit the porches and stairs.

Yard work

Finally, the yard, dri­ve­ways and play areas are put in order. Plant beds are laid and the yard is tidied up. And there you have it – welcome home.

How Sisco became Sisco

Our story began back in 2008 as a fairly tra­di­tion­al con­struc­tion firm doing sub­con­tract­ing for other com­pa­nies. Our ambi­tion grew year after year, and in 2012 we began pro­duc­ing our own homes. As a company, we’re happy to go against the grain when it makes sense, so we knew right away we would use wood to build Sisco homes. After all, wood is a Finnish nation­al trea­sure. So it was about time that someone brought wood and all its ben­e­fits up to date when it comes to modern con­struc­tion and living.

Over the years, we’ve built hun­dreds of sites from wood ele­ments. Some of them have many floors and some have less. We’ve even used con­crete to build some of them, but we’ve come to realize that you actu­al­ly hardly need it at all. On top of all that, we’re always focused on inno­vat­ing and improv­ing.

The year 2017 is going to be an espe­cial­ly big one for us as we launch our col­lec­tion of cus­tomizable, move-in-ready massive wood high-rises. We know we’re on the right track.

Around production professionals work at the Sisco factory in Hakkila. 100
You'll only find one container for wood waste at our factory. And even that's only emptied about once a month. 1

Where we’re going

Our strong growth has def­i­nite­ly been fueled by our courage to think, be and do dif­fer­ent­ly. We’ve built several hun­drends of homes over the course of our entire history, and we’ll build a lot more of homes in 2017 alone. That also means that our annual turnover is expect­ed almost to triple from 2016 to 2017. Our growth story got another boost in 2016 when the funds managed by Sentica Partners Ltd. became our major­i­ty partner.

One time one of our build­ing sites hap­pened to be in the way of some moor frogs. Or to be more precise, their ditches. Well, we believe there’s enough room for all of us, so we dug new ditches for them along the edges of the plot and they’re happily croak­ing there to this day.

We’ve currently under construction homes for people living in Finland and abroad 700
In 2017, we are designing homes all over the world. 1000

Our ecological values

In addi­tion to having chosen wood as our build­ing mate­r­i­al, eco­log­i­cal values in general are really impor­tant to us. We don’t chop down trees for no reason. Each log’s journey from the forest to the wall of one of our homes clear from the time the tree is felled. We use the valu­able raw mate­r­i­al as effi­cient­ly as pos­si­ble. In fact, there’s just one con­tain­er for wood waste at our Hakkila factory, and even that’s only emptied about once a month. All Sisco homes also get some of the energy they need from solar panels installed on the roof. So, sunny days make our res­i­dents espe­cial­ly happy!

At the start of 2017 we also com­mit­ted to the UN’s sus­tain­able devel­op­ment Global Compact ini­tia­tive, which aims to prevent cor­rup­tion and respect and protect human rights, workers and the envi­ron­ment. You can read more about the ini­tia­tive here.

Ener­gy from the sun

All Sisco homes produce part of the energy they use with solar panels installed on the roof.

Min­imised waste

We don’t chop down trees unnec­es­sar­i­ly. Each log’s journey from the forest to the wall of one of our homes is clear from the time the tree is felled. Technology min­imizes waste.